3 Benefits of Co-working


coworkingCo-working is usually defined as a situation where two or more people are working in the same area but not for the same company. This method of business came about around the late 2000s and now numerous companies operate in co-working spaces. Check out some of the benefits your business may gain from having a co-working space.

Employees take pride in the work they produce. – Unlike a traditional office, co-working spaces are filled with people that who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. With little direct competition and less internal politics, employees don’t feel like they have to “fake it” to fit in. Being in a co-working environment also helps employees feel they have job control because since many co-working spaces are accessible 24/7, employees can usually decide if they go to the gym in the middle of the day and come back to work, or put in long hours at the office. In turn, they take pride in the things they produce for your company.

Easily expand your business’s network. – Co-working spaces allow business owners and employees to expand their personal and business networks with fun and ease. The pressure of saying “hi, what’s your name?” is now gone, because co-working spaces usually require memberships, you’re going to see the same people throughout the week. They just don’t work for the same company. This makes it easy to network and meet new people.  

People work harder when surrounded by others that are working. – Moving your business into a co-working space will allow your employees to focus and work harder because they will be surrounded by others that are also working. It’s always easier to stay focused with minimal distractions and people also working.

Since becoming popular, many people believe that co-working spaces allow employees to thrive. Are you considering testing out a co-working space in your business? Ask us about our furniture that can contribute to your new co-working space.

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