Custom Colors, Resale Prices


Your office shouldn’t feel like a prison with row after row of dreary cubicles and bland office furniture. But sometimes it seems like the only way to get high quality office furniture is to surrender to a hefty price tag. That’s where R and M Office sweeps in to save the day. We offer custom refurbished office furniture, letting you get the style, support, and smiles you need without sacrificing your budget.

Refurbished Cubicles

work cubiclesYou spend so much time at work, it’s basically a second home. But the cubicles are gray and dingy, the lighting dull, and the office chairs haven’t had enough back support since Reagan was in office. What do you do? Get an office makeover with better-than-new furniture from R and M Office. We carefully collect gently-used office furniture from offices in the area. Then it’s down to business: office furniture refurbishment. Looking for a custom fabric, finish, or powder coat trim? We have hundreds of options for your new workspace. Get that custom office redesign without setting your budget back 3 years. With our commitment to quality, custom-finish furniture, and customer care, you’ll be working from your dream office in no time.

All of the Quality, None of the Hassle

At R and M Office we don’t just get you the best product; we also guarantee it still looks good on its first day at the office. Once we’ve spiffed, buffed, reupholstered, and laminated your new office furniture, we’ll pack, deliver, and install it for you. Hello, convenience. Goodbye, tacky desks and uncomfortable chairs.

Want to learn more about our new and refurbished office furniture? Call R and M Office in Sacramento, CA.

Office Cubicles