Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Work Space

spruce up your office

When you sit in the same small work space for months or even years, it’s easy to get bored and for work to get stale. And even worse, that small space will start becoming associated with stress. A huge way to boost the mood of the room is to “spruce it up” a little. And here’s how!

spruce up your office

  1. Add flowers. They’ll smell great, add a little color and will help change the mood!
  2. De-clutter. Start organizing. File, sort, toss; whatever you have to do to get those piles of papers off your desk. Not only will the room be organized but so will your mind!
  3. Add photos. Choose your favorite photos of your friends and family, or even interesting photos. Pick ones that are great conversation starters!
  4. Add mementos. Choose a keepsake from a recent trip, a trophy you won or something else personal to yourself. It’ll make your office unique!
  5. Get nice pens and paper. Yes we know, everything is done on the computer. But for some of us, we like having a little journal and nice pens to keep track of tasks. And throw out all those old ones that don’t work!

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