Finding Happiness at Work When the Struggle is Real


“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” -Dumbledore

Yep, we’re adults quoting Harry Potter. Why this particular quote? Because it’s true. No matter how bad, negative, frustrating situations may become, there is always a light.

If you find yourself immersed in the dark at work, what do you do to find the light? To find your “happy place”? Here are a few suggestions on finding your happiness at work.

  1. framesPictures- Yes, something as simple as a picture. Keep pictures of the ones you hold near and dear on or in your desk. If you’re the type that enjoys the simplicity of a piece of tape and a polaroid, tape away! If you know you’re one of those who appreciates a cute and matching frame, go get the frame. When you get frustrated or need a “pick-me-up” take 5 minutes and look at your pictures. Look at the polaroid, remember that event and give yourself a kudos for bringing this picture to the office. Hold the frame and remember that day and remember how excited (whether you want to admit it or not) you were when you found that particular frame and knew how your desk was going to look with it’s new addition.
  2. Flowers- This one might be more for the ladies, but flowers have proven study after study to be a mood lifter. office flowersFlowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.” Whether it’s a bouquet you were gifted or bought yourself, or even a cute little office plant, if you’re “having a moment” take 5 minutes and look at the flower and all the positive feelings that are associated with the beautiful, bright colors.
  3. Take a walk- Sometimes the only way to really remove yourself from a situation, is to literally, remove yourself from the situation. Take a take a walk!least a ten minute walk (or whatever time permits) outside. Completely remove yourself from those who could feed your frustrations and take a walk in the sunlight, breathe the fresh air, and collect your thoughts. When your body feels the sunlight, your amount of serotonin (aka the body’s “happy” hormone) increases.

Life is short. Be thankful for what you have and what you’ve done. We know we are.