Finding Simplicity at Work


“Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that merges as the crowning reward of art” – Frederic Chopin

Simplicity is truly an art. Whether it’s because you’re learning and have a desk filled sticky notes and forms, or because you’ve got a desk full of client papers and to-do lists, it ain’t easy being clean.

Messy deskThink about it, when are you most productive at work? When your desk is clear of clutter, just your computer, a few framed photographs, and your inbox. Not with piles of paper and yesterday’s cold coffee.

We’ve complied a simple list of ways to help de-clutter and simplify your desk, easing your mind, and day.

Clear the Papers

Take all the papers on your desk and put them in one pile. Now go through that pile, one document at a time- don’t put any document aside or back in the pile. Decide if the document at hand should be A) Something to be done immediately B) Delegated C) File or D) Trash. Remember, it’s important not to set any aside, but to do each one as they come.

Clear Your Storage

Take everything out of your drawers. Everything. Now take a minute to sit back and wonder how you put all of that in one drawer. Done? Ok, now let’s go thru a similar system. First, decide a purpose for each draw, if possible, let’s skip the junk drawer, so say “supplies” or “personal storage.” Now the the drawers have a purpose, let’s go back to what’s to go inside them. With each item decide if it should be A) Trash B)Which drawer it goes in, and place it there C) Taken home D) Given to a Co-worker (someone might need that extra stapler). Don’t stop until everything has a place. If you have a bookshelf, take two minutes to straighten the books.

Clean Up Your Computer

Delete any unnecessary icons- visual clutter can cause just as much frustration as physical clutter. clean deskClearing out your hard drive and RAM will make your computer faster, and more accessible. Take the time to backup your computer, better safe than sorry!

 Keep Your Decorations to a Minimum

Try to limit the number of picture frames to one hand. It will give you more room on your desk, and leave you with just your favorites to share. Even furniture, get the simplest furniture with soft (or no) patterns, and ones that allow for the most space in your office. Choose your window coverings and lamps with the same concept in mind.

These are a simple ways to make your work life a bit easier. If while you’re cleaning your desk or shelving, and realize it’s been at the company longer than you, and not in a good way, check out our selection of refurbished cubicles and hot deals for the zen desk you crave. If you have any questions about a product, give us a call at (916) 362-1756.