Five ways to keep the office organized

Organizing the office

Organizing the office We care about our customers at, so we’ve put together a few key points that’ll help you organize your office and get more done!

  1. Get rid of clutter – Let’s consider this the office “Spring cleaning,” none the less, take time to shred and throw away old documents, knick-knacks and plants. If it’s collecting dust on your desk, toss it. It’s only making the office look dirty.
  2. Establish office “zones” – Decide what activities take place in areas of the office, then place the appropriate materials and supplies in each area according to it’s respective work responsibility. This way, supplies can be easily located during work times.
  3. Find out what you use the most – What do you use the most? Pencils? Paper? Stapler? Whatever it is, find it and it in a bin close to you (preferably within reach to cut down on excess time). Rarely used items can be stored and put away.
  4. Take the time to label – Invest in a good labeler and take an hour of out the day to label all of your bins, drawers, baskets and shelves. This will cut down on time spent sifting through things to find what you need in the future.
  5. Go eco friendly – As the world transitions fully into a world of technology, paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past. So take the opportunity to go eco-friendly and decrease the amount of paper used within your company by switching the file system to a computer database.

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