How to Pick the Right Office Chair


Unless you’re a jet setting CEO or a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, chances are you’re used to cubicle life. And that’s great. Working in a cubicle promotes coworker friendships, reduces distractions (except for the aforementioned coworkers), and gives each employee a chance to learn from his or her peers. The downside of office life? Our aching backs.

Pick the Right Office Chair

office chair with heartThere are dozens of modern solutions to the age old problem of office inactivity. Standing desks, treadmill desks, and buoy chairs have gained popularity in the last few years, giving office workers a chance to work out daily tension (and build ab muscles) right in their cubicle. But never underestimate the power of a good office chair. A good office chair gives you all the support you need to make it through a workday without those typical aches and pains. Whether you’re picking a chair for a home office or refurbishing a whole floor of office cubicles, here’s everything you need to choose the best office chair.

  1. Keep moving. You don’t need to dish out two grand for a brand new treadmill desk. An ergonomic office chair will move with you, preventing those neck and backaches from staying still too long.
  2. Make it adjustable. Nothing puts a crick in your neck faster than straining to see the computer screen. Make sure your office chair adjusts.
  3. Find the right support. A good office chair should encourage good posture by supporting the spine. Many of our refurbished Herman Miller office chairs provide adjustable lumbar support to provide personal comfort and back support for each individual employee.

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