Incorporating Productivity Into Your Office Design

workspace - laptop

workspace - laptop

Planning an efficient workspace — an ergonomic space — allows employees to focus on work. Ergonomic designs encourage creativity, foster productivity and facilitate a positive attitude that contributes to employee retention. This, in turn, will attract a higher quality future employee.

Here are a few things to consider when designing a highly efficient workspace that encourages work productivity:

  • Provide a mixture of spaces so workers can sit at desks and tables of various heights, along with places to stand while working.
  • Choose brand colors that show your brand.
  • Use colors to help employees deliver desired outcomes. For example, blue helps workers stay calm and encourages productivity, while red helps workers pay attention to detail and work accurately.
  • Include social spaces to encourage bonding and communication between workers. A production-only factory mentality actually stifles productivity.
  • Allowing workers to design and decorate their own interior space encourages creativity and productivity.
  • Incorporate elements of feng shui into the office interior. These elements are fire, earth, air and water.
  • Create an interior design for reflecting and scheming. Some of your company’s best ideas may be created here.
  • Build areas where introverts can work while others in the office enjoy the open office space.
  • Plan areas near windows where workers can choose to work or encourage workers to work outdoors by constructing outdoor workspaces.
  • Install white boards on the walls to encourage workers to brainstorm.
  • Provide enough storage space for each worker. This allows them to free up their desk space for the work at hand while ensuring they have their supplies close at hand.

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