Organizing for YOU


Let’s be frank, everyone has a “right way” to get things done. Your mom, your spouse, your co-worker -everyone has a better way to do things. And when you go online there’s a million articles telling you “the best ways to organize”. But here’s the catch, with each article you reach, that’s one more method you consider, and that’s one more step to finding what’s right for YOU. So in our efforts to help you find what works for you, here are some tips we’ve found to be helpful in being able to have a successful day at work.

neat computer

Have a place to put everything. As easy as this sounds, it’s not. Many times we are flying into work because we just couldn’t help
pressing the snooze button that third time. Or your kids left a book at home. Or your dog simply could not find the perfect place to piddle. With all of life’s moment’s in mind, this is one of the most consistent organizational tools you will see, because it works. Take that extra 5 seconds to put your keys in the key bowl, jacket on the hook/back of your chair, bag in a cabinet and coffee in a spill free zone- by taking these five seconds, you get two seconds to stop and say “OK, what’s first?” and start your day on a positive, sensible way.

Have a calendar or planner. Again, cliche, but for a reason. Whether it’s paper or online, a calendar or planner will help you throughout your day. If paper Calendarcalendars/planners are your thing, check out Inkwell Press. They make custom calendars and planners that are cute and practical (yes, the combination CAN exist). If online calendars are better for you, Google Calendars and Cozi are a couple of popular ones. The key with online calendars is to make sure you find one that syncs with all of your devices.

To-do list. That’s right, a to-do list. Ideally, the best way to approach these is to make an initial list of items to complete that day, with a sublist of items for that week. Once this list is complete, prioritize the list with the most imperative being item number one.  Even if you don’t accomplish your tasks in the order you designated, you will still feel a sense of relief in knowing what you accomplished and what you need to do tomorrow. Evernote is a great tool for this. They even have the little check boxes you secretly love.

filesA proper storage system. If you do any sort of online work, always make sure your documents are backed up online either via cloud
storage or an external hard-drive. While we all understand the perils of your computer crashing, it’s not an excuse for not having a backup. If paper copies work best for you, take a minute and think “does my filing system work best for me?” Make sure your files are always up-to-date to decrease your chances of miscommunication.


We offer you these tips to help you grow either ans an employee or employer. Because at R & M Office, that’s what we do. We use what we have and make it work for you. Your budget, your needs and your taste.