The Psychology Behind Your Work Space

work space psychology

The spaces that we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This can have an effect on our psychological well-being and our creative performance! Many of us spend forever working in the same space; so why wouldn’t it make sense to organize and optimize your space in the most beneficial way possible?

Recently, psychologists and scientists have been looking into what simple, effective and organizational steps you can take to improve your productivity in the office. Here’s what they found helps!


  • Rounded vs. structured furniture. In a study in 2011, undergrads were asked to look at pictures of offices with rounded furniture, and one with straight edged. The study found that most found rounded furniture to be more pleasing and inviting, and linked to more positive emotion! Sitting in circles also provokes a collective mindset…great for group environments! And bonus: you won’t run into any corners. However, studies have also shown that the structures of cornered furniture can lead to more structured and organized thought.
  • Invest in some plants! Science shows that having plants in the office is a stress reducer, and it can reduce office pollution levels. They also portray a more relaxed environment, and add a little spruce to your office.
  • Use windows! Windows have a variety of benefits to your office space. Taking a glance outside offers a chance for your mind to recharge itself. Having bright and natural light in the work space can also make you feel more awake, energized and positive.
  • Color matters! Studies have shown that both blue and green colors have been show to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas. Red has apparently been linked to better performance on tasks that require a lot of detail.
  • A messy desk is actually a good thing. While organization can often help you feel more put together, studies have shown that a messy desk is actually a good thing! Sometimes you can’t find things because you’re filing system is so complicated. And sometimes with a messy desk, you find things where you least expect it; which could trigger your next big idea!

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