Tips For Office Organization

office organization tips

It all starts with one stack of paper. Then it becomes two, three, four; and by time you know it, you’re office space looks like a bomb went off. It’s hard to stay organized, but with these tips you’ll be on your way to a clean and efficient work space!


  • Do a weekly cleanup. Every week, set aside about 30 minutes picking up your office. This is helpful because not only will it prevent malpractice, but a neat office is more inviting and suggests you are clean and organized. We suggest doing this on Friday (because you’ll thank yourself on Monday)!
  • Divvy up your supplies. Organize pens, notepads, and file folders in a way that works for you. Label each item according to its case, project or deal it is assigned to. It’s tempting to want to combine items, but your organization will suffer! Doing this will also allow you to quickly find information when asked. It’s not professional when a client asks you for information and you’re sifting through piles of paper! Get creative with these 10 DIY Office Organizational Tools.
  • Keep a personal box! It’s easy for personal items like shoes, umbrellas, picture frames, etc. to get piled up under your desk. Grab a box or container and use it as the designated “personal items” box. Keep it tucked away neatly under your desk!
  • Use your space as self reflection. Let’s just be honest; blank walls are uninviting. Decorate your space with items that reflect who you are and make it personable. Note: putting up personal items shows that you intend to be at that job for awhile (even if you’re not planning on it). ¬†Doing this will also make you feel more “at home” in the office and allow you to be more productive.

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